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EAN 0019954513214 Summary

The EAN 0019954513214 (European Article Number), is part of Evans Musical Instruments product range. The EAN code product name is Evans Clear 300 10. Resonating snare drum head / Series: Evans 300 / Diameter (inches): 10 Inch / Number of Plies: Single-Ply / Surface: Clear / Foil Thickness: 3 mil... (view full description ›)

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0019954513214: Evans Clear 300 10

Evans Clear 300 10

Seller: Idealo

EAN: 0019954513214

Model Number:

Brand: Evans


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Product Information

These are the main details for 0019954513214 ean code:

Name:Evans Clear 300 10
EAN: 0019954513214
GTIN-13: 0019954513214
EAN-13: 0019954513214
EAN UCC-13: 0019954513214
UPC: 019954513214
UPC-A: 019954513214
Model Number:Not Specified
Brand/Manufacturer: Evans
Category: Musical Instruments
Product Range: Evans Musical Instruments
Latest Price: £10.52
Last Updated: 2017-07-06 09:04:33
First Created: 2017-07-06 09:04:33
Product Names: 1 product names
Product Images: 1 product images
References: 1 product references

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Product Description

Resonating snare drum head
Series: Evans 300
Diameter (inches): 10 Inch
Number of Plies: Single-Ply
Surface: Clear
Foil Thickness: 3 mil [1]

The Evans Clear 300 10 EAN is 0019954513214.

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1. Evans Clear 300 10

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0019954513214: Evans Clear 300 10

Credits: Idealo website

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1. Idealo website - Evans Clear 300 10 product page. Retrieved 2017-07-06 09:04:34.

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