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EAN CODE: 4242004194071

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Neff S51L58X1GB Built in Dishwasher

EAN Code: 4242004194071 (European Article Number), is part of Neff Dishwashers product range. The EAN code product name is Neff S51L58X1GB Built in Dishwasher. Dishwashers...

Brand: Neff

Category: Dishwashers


About 4242004194071 EAN Product Code

Name: Neff S51L58X1GB Built in Dishwasher

EAN: 4242004194071

Model Number: Not Available

Brand: Neff

Category: Dishwashers

Product Range: Neff Dishwashers

Price: £438.00

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4242004194071: Neff S51L58X1GB Built in Dishwasher
Neff S51L58X1GB Built in Dishwasher

Seller: BHS Direct


Product Description


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