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EAN CODE: 5016108808047

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Hotpoint SHS33XS

The EAN 5016108808047 (European Article Number), is part of Hotpoint Cookers & Ovens product range. The EAN code product name is Hotpoint SHS33XS. The Hotpoint SHS33XS is an A Energy Rated Electric Built-in Single cavity Oven which has Circulaire Fan and Variable Grilling and a brilliant 59 litre capacity. It has been coated in the interior of the cavity with Enam...

Brand: Hotpoint

Category: Cookers & Ovens


Product Information

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Name:Hotpoint SHS33XS
EAN: 5016108808047
Model Number:Not Available
Brand/Manufacturer: Hotpoint
Category: Cookers & Ovens
Product Range: Hotpoint Cookers & Ovens
Latest Price: £229.00
Last Updated: 2015-05-24 15:42:47
First Created: 2015-05-24 15:42:47

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5016108808047: Hotpoint SHS33XS
Hotpoint SHS33XS

Seller: Tribal UK

Buy From Seller › Updated: 24/05/2015 15:42:47

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  • Hotpoint SHS33XS

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5016108808047: Hotpoint SHS33XS

Credits: Tribal UK website

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Product Description

The Hotpoint SHS33XS is an A Energy Rated Electric Built-in Single cavity Oven which has Circulaire Fan and Variable Grilling and a brilliant 59 litre capacity.

It has been coated in the interior of the cavity with Enamel linings which deter food from sticking to the sides making it easier to clean.

There is a Double glazed window door as well as a Digital programmable timer helping you to keep track on cooking times as well as being able to preset it to turn on or off.

The handy interior light allows you to see your food cooking with ease.

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