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29 March 2016 Last updated at 05:26:38

BabaBing Changing Mats - the perfect on-the-go product for all busy and fashionable parents

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Are you considering in buying BabaBing Changing Mats? There is a great choice of deals available online, we searched online shops for the best deal for you.

About BabaBing Changing Mats

This compact and portable changing mat is the perfect on-the-go product for all busy and fashionable parents.
With pockets and space for nappies and any other changing essentials, this chic FlipOut Changing Pack can fit into a normal changing bag for easy storage or even onto the side of a pushchair. The FlipOut folds so compactly it can be taken on long journeys without taking up space, while still having enough storage for all your essentials when out and about.
Brand: BabaBing.
Dimensions: H20 x W27 x D5cm.

Where can you buy BabaBing Changing Mats

We recommend these shops for you to purchase your BabaBing Changing Mats from:

Bababing! Flipout Changing Mat Pack - Red

Bababing Flipout Baby Changing Mat, Red John Lewis

Bababing! Flipout Changing Mat - Red Direct2Mum

Bababing! Flipout Changing Mat - Black Direct2Mum

Note: Prices are only approximate and accurate on 2016-03-29.

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John Lewis


About BabaBing

BabaBing! was established way back in 2004 when we were all dancing to House and Techno. Since then, as well as improving our taste in music, BabaBing! has gone from strength-to-strength, to become a major maternity brand. We have distribution in 6 countries worldwide and long-term partnerships with the likes of John Lewis, Boots PLC and Kiddiecare.

Our business philosophy is simple; to design and develop paternity products that look as good as they function. Great value, great looks, great ‘fun’ction!

Our classic DayTripper Paternity Satchel was the first product launched back in 2005 and quickly became a hit with mums and dads across the UK. Eight years on and we’ve worked hard to develop an iconic line of changing bags for all occasions, plus standout products like the LoBo bouncer, RockOut rocker and our brand new Noah Highchair and with much, much more to come.

We’re also mightily proud to say that our products are designed, developed and tested right here in Blighty.

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