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16 May 2016 Last updated at 15:55:09

4 Excellent Cuisinart Blenders

By YouShopping, Blenders, YouShopping Magazine Website

It can be quite hard to select which Cuisinart Blenders to buy?

Searching for Cuisinart Blenders can be time consuming and still not be sure which Cuisinart Blenders to get.

The list of items below will help you find good Cuisinart Blenders choices for you!

We have found some great Cuisinart Blenders from 3 online shops. Shops such as: hughes, waitrose kitchen and john lewis.


1 - Cuisinart Bfp603u Hughes

cuisinart bfp603u Hughes



The cleverly designed 2 in 1 Prep Blend has blending and food processing attachments allowing you to grate chop slice whip blend and mix all in one machine. With its aluminium housing and ultra sharp blades the best performance is guaranteed. Take the hassle out of food preparation with the compact processing attachment with a range of accessories for chopping mixing slicing grating and whipping. The robust 1.5L glass jar blending attachment is designed to handle the toughest of tasks from crushing ice to blending soups and smoothies.

2 - Cuisinart Soup Maker 1117271 Shop Kitchen Appliances Blenders Mixers Waitrose Kitchen

cuisinart soup maker - 1117271 -shop > kitchen appliances blenders & mixers Waitrose Kitchen


Brand: Cuisinart

Revolutionary in its design the Cuisinart Soup Maker saut s cooks simmers and blends in one so you can create delicious home made soups sauces and chutneys in as little as 20 minutes. You can even use it as a traditional blender perfect for sm Cuisinart soup maker Cuisinart

3 - Cuisinart Ssb3u Soup Maker Plus John Lewis

cuisinart ssb3u soup maker plus John Lewis


Brand: Cuisinart

As the weather cools create hearty tasty and warming meals for the whole family with the Cuisinart SSB3U Soup Maker Plus. Whether you are making chunky or smooth soups jams sauces for pasta curries or tasty risottos you can complete every stage of your recipe in this unit. Saut cook stir simmer and blend all in one machine without the need for extra pots and pans and no messy transferring from pan to blender. The powerful precision controlled heating element with 3 heat settings will ensure the perfect cooking of raw ingredients while an advanced non stick cooking plate allows for easy saut ing and cleaning. Choose the slow stir function to gently mix ingredients during cooking great for risottos and chunky soups. The glass jar puts you in control of your recipe you can watch your meal cooking and adjust ingredients heat and cooking time as required. Ingredients and seasoning can be added easily at any time during the cooking process without affecting the cooking cycle. Features Thermal glass jar keeps your recipe warm after the cooking cycle has finished 1.4L capacity for soup and hot liquid 1.75L capacity for cool liquid Audible beep at the end of the cooking cycle Powerful stainless steel blades for perfect blending 4 speed options pulse function for complete control Triple seal lid for safe blending of hot liquids Can also be used as a power blender for blending smoothies and crushing ice

4 - Cuisinart Cbt700u Hughes

cuisinart cbt700u Hughes



The Power Blender with its clever range of preset functions helps you achieve the perfect consistency for purees soups sauces and smoothies. Simply add your ingredients and let the Power Blender do the rest or use the high low and pulse functions for total control over the texture and flavour of your recipe. With its die cast metal base powerful 6 edge blade and 1.75L glass jar it s designed to handle even the toughest blending tasks. And when you re finished it couldn t be easier to clean simply pop the parts in the dishwasher.

Recommended Retailers

If you are considering purchasing Cuisinart Blenders listed in this page, then we would recommend you to have a look at the following online retailers:


Waitrose Kitchen

John Lewis

In Conclusion

If you are looking for Cuisinart Blenders then we would recommend you the following ones:

  1. Cuisinart Bfp603u Hughes
  2. Cuisinart Soup Maker 1117271 Shop Kitchen Appliances Blenders Mixers Waitrose Kitchen
  3. Cuisinart Ssb3u Soup Maker Plus John Lewis
  4. Cuisinart Cbt700u Hughes
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