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06 February 2017 Last updated at 20:43:24

Top 10 Blenders in February 2017

By YouShopping, Blenders, YouShopping Magazine Website

Looking for Blenders? You are in luck.

Here you can shop a unique collection of the best Blenders.

Right here, you should be able to find great Blenders in this article.

We have found some great Blenders from 9 online shops. Shops such as: hughes, designer habitat, electrical discount uk, nisbets plc,, go electrical, prc direct, wayfair and waitrose kitchen.

From great brands such as russell hobbs, morphy richards, dynamic, prestige, bamix, magimix, homcom, kitchenaid and dualit.


1 - Russell Hobbs 14449 Hughes

russell hobbs 14449 Hughes


Brand: Russell Hobbs

The Russell Hobbs 14449 food blender will be a great addition to your kitchen appliances. With a 400 watt power output and an 1.5 litre jug there s more than enough space inside to mix all your foods. With two speed settings the blender will mix and liquefy a variety of different foods quickly and easily. Use the lower speed for lighter jobs and softer foods and the higher speed for the heavier jobs which involve mainly solid ingredients. The pulse function gives an extra burst of speed and power. The food blender is ideal for liquidising soups creating healthy fruit smoothies and reducing bread into crumbs and so much more. The 14449 jug blender comes with a handy removable filling cup inside the lid making it easier than ever to fill the blender every time.

2 - Vonshef 4 In 1 Blender In Red Designer Habitat

vonshef 4-in-1 blender in red Designer Habitat


More than your average blender this incredibly versatile kitchen appliance comes with four attachments also serving as a smoothie maker grinder and centrifugal juicer. Strong stainless steel blades coupled with two speed settings and pulse function make it easy to achieve the perfect consistency and fantastic results every time. Blends Large 1.5L blender jug attachment with 1L capacity blends and purees to perfection. Ideal for everyday use the blender works its magic to create homemade soups sauces dressings marinades batters desserts the possibilities are limitless Juices Struggling to fit in your 5 a day Try the juicer attachment for size Use fresh fruit to create juices which are scrumptious nutritious and a much healthier alternative to store bought juices. Suitable for a wide range of fruits Creates smoothies Whip up a tasty range of drinks with a little help from the 1L smoothie maker. Rich smoothies nutritious milkshakes refreshing iced tea mouth watering summer cocktails this attachment will open up a whole new world of delicious beverages. Grinds No need to invest in a separate grinder when you have the VonShef 4 in 1 Blender to hand Blender and grinder attachments come with attachable lids so you can store your ingredients until you re ready to use them. Stylish stainless steel red base with non slip feet a chic addition to any kitchen countertop. Auto shut off function prevents damage from overheating. Comes with recipes to get you started. Dimensions 10.5 x 40 x 12.5 cm Power 220W

3 - 48822 Electrical Discount UK

48822 Electrical Discount UK


Brand: Morphy Richards

1.6Litre Capacity Soup Maker 4 Functions

4 - Dynamic Senior Stick Blender Whisk Combi Mf003 Nisbets Plc

dynamic senior stick blender & whisk combi mf003 Nisbets plc


Brand: Dynamic

The Dynamic Senior Stick Blender and whisk combines all the time saving efficiency of a high power Dynamic Senior motor block with the versatility of easily interchangeable attachments. The blender attachment is easily able to mix blend puree and emulsify directly into a pot perfect for preparing soups gravy sauces and salsa whereas the whisk attachment can easily and quickly whisk up to 50 egg whites at a time as well as whipping cream mayonnaise batter and glazes. Ideal for residential care homes schools and hospitals as well as restaurants pubs and takeaways. 350W Shaft 300mm 11.8

5 - Prestige Stainless Steel 600ml Blender And Drink Holder In Black

prestige stainless steel 600ml blender and drink holder in black


Brand: Prestige

Ideal for the health conscious person smoothies on the go. Turbo charge the start to your day with a healthy smoothie. This product comes with a 2 year guarantee and the drinks holder is dishwasher friendly 2 detachable and dishwasher safe drink holder Blender and drink holder all in one Stainless steel blade 1 speed setting 2 years guarantee

6 - Bamix Mono 160w Hand Blender Red Go Electrical

bamix mono 160w hand blender red Go Electrical


Brand: Bamix

Bamix Mono 160W Hand Blender Red

7 - Magimix 18115 Le Micro Mini Chopper Satin PRC Direct

magimix 18115  le micro - mini chopper satin PRC Direct


Brand: Magimix

LE Micro Mini Chopper in Satin Le Micro is an invaluable addition to any kitchen. For all daily preparations of small quantity it chops mixes and blends. Features Power output 290 watts. 0.8 litre container with 0.8 litre working capacity. Pulse function. Removable blades. Dishwasher safe parts. Attachments include main bowl lid main blade dough blade and spatula . Manufacturer s 3 year guarantee.

8 - 2.5l Blender Wayfair

2.5l blender Wayfair


Brand: Homcom

This is a good powerful and safe blender which is perfect at home and business. Under green operation delicious fine and uniform mixture is produced at the sound level of normal conversation. Automatic protection and efficiency are ensured. Time and energy are saved green food is enjoyable. It is of proper design construction and easy clean up. Features Create soybean milk smoothies fruits and vegetables efficiently. Good food processor chopper and ice crusher. Effectively pulverisi...

9 - Kitchenaid Artisan 4.8l Stand Mixer Waitrose Kitchen

kitchenaid artisan 4.8l stand mixer Waitrose Kitchen


Brand: KitchenAid

An iconic appliance to match your kitchen. This classic stand mixer from Kitchen Aid features a 4.8L capacity bowl that will easily cater for all of your mixing needs. This mixer is robust stable and durable while the metal construction and smooth r KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L stand mixer KitchenAid

10 - Dualit 88910 Hand Blender

dualit 88910 hand blender


Brand: Dualit

The 88910 is an all round kitchen assistant that makes light work of everyday culinary tasks. The 700W multi tasker takes on chopping pureeing and whisking with seamless speed. From saucy salsa to perfectly pureed baby food you can even mix up mouth watering meringues in a matter of moments. Patented anti suction wand with non scratch foot 100 reduction in suction measured against DHBI VortecS mixing with six pronged blade Repairable and replaceable parts BPA Free and dishwasher safe attachments excluding power unit and gearbox Attachments include Balloon whisk Wand Chopper bowl with blade and feed tube lid Gearbox for whisk and chopping bowl Jug

Recommended Brands

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Recommended Retailers

If you are considering purchasing Blenders listed in this page, then we would recommend you to have a look at the following online retailers:


Designer Habitat

Electrical Discount UK

Nisbets Plc

Go Electrical

PRC Direct


Waitrose Kitchen

In Conclusion

If you are looking for Blenders then we would recommend you the following ones:

  1. Russell Hobbs 14449 Hughes
  2. Vonshef 4 In 1 Blender In Red Designer Habitat
  3. 48822 Electrical Discount UK
  4. Dynamic Senior Stick Blender Whisk Combi Mf003 Nisbets Plc
  5. Prestige Stainless Steel 600ml Blender And Drink Holder In Black
  6. Bamix Mono 160w Hand Blender Red Go Electrical
  7. Magimix 18115 Le Micro Mini Chopper Satin PRC Direct
  8. 2.5l Blender Wayfair
  9. Kitchenaid Artisan 4.8l Stand Mixer Waitrose Kitchen
  10. Dualit 88910 Hand Blender
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