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20 July 2014 Last updated at 21:56:40

Introducing The Kenwood Blx54 Blender Ideal For your Kitchen

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If you landed in this page, then you are probably looking to buy Kenwood Blx54 Blender. This page will try and show you the best online shops to purchase Kenwood Blx54 Blender online.

We hope it will help you make the right choices and at the same time get the best deal for your money.

About Kenwood Blx54 Blender

Kenwood's BLX54 kMix Blender is every kitchen's dream come true! With a powerful 800 W motor, the BLX54 kMix Blender blends effortlessly.

There are also a host of pre-programmed functions for specific tasks including making soups, dips and crushed ice.

While, a durable, non degradable stainless steel blade gives you perfect results every time.

The lid of the BLX54 has a secure fastening and rubber grips to eliminate spillages - to make sure you keep the amount of liquid you started with! Crafted from high quality die-cast aluminium, the K Mix Blender has a calibrated glass goblet with a 1.6 litre capacity and convenient pouring lip.

What's more everything is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, reducing your workload considerably!

Where can you buy Kenwood Blx54 Blender

We recommend these shops for you to purchase your Kenwood Blx54 Blender from:

Kenwood Blx54 Kmix Blender In Pepper Corn Black 800w Motor Sonic Direct

Kenwood Blx54 Food Processors, Mixers And Blenders Hughes Direct

Note: Prices are only approximate and accurate on 2014-07-20.

External Links

Sonic Direct

Hughes Direct

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