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07 April 2015 Last updated at 03:21:43

For energy efficiency - the Aeg L60460fl washing machine is Ideal For Your Kitchen

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Are you looking to buy a Aeg L60460fl washing machine? There is a wide selection of deals available online, we searched online shops for the best deal for you.

About Aeg L60460fl washing machine

However large the load, and however delicate the clothes, the ProTex washing machine with Woolmark Silver certification will treat each item in the gentlest possible manner.

Its intelligent OptiSense system adjusts the cycle to the load weight, making sure your clothes are never over-washed, while the huge XXL Drum gives your clothes plenty of space and prevents squeezing.

With the Silent System washing machine, you really can do your laundry at night without even hearing it.

The appliance is designed with special insulation layers for extremely quiet operation.

For energy efficiency, this washing machine is rated A++.

That means it consumes 23% less energy than A-class washing machines, comparing the classes.

What's more, it doesn't make any compromises on cleaning performance, offering great cleaning results for minimal energy consumption To protect against water damage, this washing machine has the Aqua-Control inlet hose.

It has a double-layer wall which helps ensure that no water can escape and cause damage.

Where can you buy Aeg L60460fl washing machine

We recommend these shops for you to purchase your Aeg L60460fl washing machine from:

Aeg L60460fl Washing Machines Hughes

Aeg L60460fl Be Direct

Aeg L60460fl Chantry Digital

Aeg L60460fl Washing Machines Apollo Direct

Note: Prices are only approximate and accurate on 2014-07-12.

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Be Direct

Chantry Digital

Apollo Direct

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