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EAN 4712900412345

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EAN Code: 4712900412345 (European Article Number), is part of ASUS Laptops product range.

The EAN code product name is ASUS X540SA XX345T.

This Asus X540SA XX345T is perfect for weekdays and weekends and has been designed to keep you on top of your office work and help you get the most out of your entertainment when you`re on a break.

All of this is powered by a quad core intel Pentium processor and a 8GB Ram all for a seamless multi-tasking and is fitted with optical drive for reading and burning CDs and DVDs.

The intel Quad core processor will be able to deliver an impressive performance and will let you perform all of your daily computing tasks with ease. It is the perfect laptop to use if you are looking to create documents, watching movies or surf the web all whilst the burst function will help the Pentium ensure it meets all of your satisfying needs.

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EAN 4712900412345

EAN 4712900412345 - ASUS X540SA XX345T


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